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HoolaPay is a universal payment tool: you can pay goods and services or transfer money to a friend instantly in just one click. There is no more need to keep visiting banks or kiosks. All you need is your mobile number... that's it!

Add or withdraw money to/from your HoolaPay eWallet with mobile money (Airtel, MTN or Zamtel), bank transfer, credit card, eVouchers or cash.

Mobile money just got easy!

Chat to Anyone

HoolaChat is the ultimate chat app offering you more features and a higher quality of voice & video call than other chat app. Also, it is integrated in HoolaPay, so you can instantly transfer money to a friend, a relative or a loved one in just one click while you chat.

Stay connected to your friends & community.

Earn Rewards for signing up friends & relatives.

HoolaPay Chat

Shop Anywhere

Anyone can buy and sell, while even the smallest businesses are empowered by advertising their goods and services on a global market place.

Struggling to find electricians or plumbers, hair salons or tailors? Not any more. Anyone can list their services and take payment securely.

Open your own 24-hour online shop

Be part of the future, be part of the HoolaPay community

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How do you Hoola?


Easy RegistrationAll you need is your mobile number

Pay bills with one clickBuy airtime, pay your DTSV, Zesco & other bills

Send or Receive MoneyWith just a phone number you can send or receive money in seconds

eVoucherSend money to anyone without a bank account or HoolaPay app

Manage Your MoneyHoolaPay will alert you immediately of any payments or transactions

HoolaChatCHAT FREE - Keep in touch with your friends and enjoy the latest features in communication

International Money TransferAll transfers are irrevocable, instantenous and safe

Multi Currency Send, receive & convert many different currencies at preferential rates

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

All you need to create your HoolaPay account is your mobile number. It opens the door to all the features of the app and for you to receive & send money.

How do I get money into my HoolaPay wallet?

Funds can be transferred from bank accounts, credit/debit cards, mobile money from Airtel, MTN & Zamtel. You can then transfer to others, pay for things in the app, or withdraw in the same ways.

Can I advertise in the Marketplace?

Absolutely, in fact it's encouraged. Advertising is absolutely free. The Marketplace allows everyone to buy and sell - individuals and businesses of any size. HoolaPay is an ecosystem of functions that work perfectly together.

How much does it cost?

It's free to add money to your HoolaPay wallet, and for transfers to other users. Withdrawing by bank transfer or cash attracts a 1% fee, a minimum of K10.

Are HoolaPay hiring?

YES! We're passionate about empowering people and giving back to the communities in which we operate. Applications are always welcome. HoolaPay want to attract talent so please don't hesitate to contact us.

Is it secure?

When we say we provide “END TO END Encryption”, we mean it! Calls and messages are completely anonymous. We do not store any of your data on our servers. Not your messages, not even your contact information. A new encryption key is generated with every call using RSA-2048 and C4+.

Our client's funds are kept under a segregated trust account at UBA Bank Zambia. As an authorized institution by Bank Of Zambia, HoolaPay emphasizes the security of your funds as per BOZ requirements (National Payment Systems Directives on electronic money issuance 2015). In the event of a HoolaPay bankruptcy, you will be able to request your funds from the segregated account held at UBA Zambia. All your card transactions (COMING SOON) are processed by the Mastercard, and Visa gateway payment and are automatically covered by their terms and conditions.

Customer Testimonails

HoolaPay gives me a source of income while I'm studying at university just by signing-up my friends.

Customer Testimonails

The Marketplace in HoolaPay has doubled our sales in the last year. We're getting new customers from all over the country.

Customer Testimonails

Paying our team through HoolaPay
is amazing!

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